A new stab at blogging?

This is a brand new blog in some ways, and a rather old one as well.

The previous incarnation of “Swords Against Boredom” appears to have gone to that great blogosphere in the sky — taking with it a few years of archives, arguments, all my links, etc. The site that hosted my blog was hacked, and attempts to restore what I had done proved futile despite valiant efforts.

But, like a phoenix, Swords Against Boredom arises again. A new URL, a much newer version of WordPress, plus some distance between this blog and the Web host that actually will give me easier control of how things go together here. I’ve lost an awful lot of stuff, and only time will tell whether I can retrieve any of it in a form I can use … but we’re not out of business.

Those of you who knew the old blog well can look for me to add links to my fiction and poetry over the coming days, plus links to other fun spots around the Web.

— Steve


8 thoughts on “A new stab at blogging?

  1. Deven: As the first commenter here at the new digs, you win … absolutely nothing.

    We have hopes of reviving the old bloggage, but I’m making this move anyway. This blog will be easier to manage and less prone to trouble.

    If we can salvage stuff, we’ll import those posts over here. If not … I’ll revisit some old topics and try to give them a new spin.

    Thanks for making the leap over here.

    — Steve


  2. Oh, if there are any posts you really miss, feel free to suggest. That goes for everyone. The slushpile sins posts likely will get priority from me.


  3. Dang, Steve – I’m sorry to hear about the lost bloggings. I sure hope you can retrieve the body of them. Welcome to the newer WordPress, though I wouldn’t have wished your move to happen in this fashion.


  4. I appreciate the sentiment, Jason. Maybe I’ll get stuff back, maybe not. I think the %&^#)@@ situation kind of ends up with me doing my blog the way I should have if I’d known more to begin with when I started. I knew pretty much nothing when I started.

    So, I’m looking at it in the best possible light and just moving forward.

    By the way, I’m restoring my list of published stories under the tag “My Fiction” above, and going by memory because my computer files are at home and I’m working elsewhere. So if you have a favorite or recognize something I’ve missed so far, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

    — Steve


  5. If the bluehost files are toast, you can recover some things with Google.
    For example, google an “exact phrase” you recall from your original post and when you get it in the resulting list, click on the CACHED link, and you should get the post and all the comments.
    It is remembering that exact phrase that is the tricky bit…



  6. Well, that stinks on ice.

    I’m glad you’re still pursuing the blog in this new place.

    If you have to recreate topics here, you can do the political riff and be a revisionist, making yourself look even smarter and more omniscient (not that that is really an issue for you.)


  7. TW: Glad you found your way here, but me? Omniscient? I’m barely niscient at all.

    Deven: Thanks for that tip. I tried it, and found a cached post containing my poem, “Halloween.” I also found a link from another site to my “Do zombies like thousand island dressing?” post.

    I’ll try to do it with some of my other posts from time to time and see what I can salvage.


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