The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008

What’s that, you say? You are looking for a volume of good flash fiction, with a wide variety of genres and voices? All bound within a beautiful cover?

I think I can help you with that:

hardcover Presenting “The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008,” wherein you’ll find three of my stories plus work from a whole lot of other writers — 100 stories, selected as the best by EDF’s cadre of editors.

You can read more about it or order a hardback or trade paperback right here.

My three entries in this anthology are all fantasies, representing a diverse lot. Tell’s Choice looks at the William Tell legend from the vantage of a ghost. Monochrome wonders what it might be like if a supreme being decided enough is enough. Invincible is out-and-out sword & sorcery, in under a thousand words.

All three of those stories are linked from the “My Fiction” tab above, if you are curious. Or, you might want to just wander on over to Every Day Fiction and poke around. EDF offers a brand new flash fiction story every day (including a horror story of mine quite recently, as mentioned in a post below). EDF also has a “random story” function, a searchable database of stories and a fairly active forum for readers and writers. It’s all free, too, except for the nifty anthology.

Have fun!

— Steve


14 thoughts on “The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008

  1. Impressive, and congratulations again!

    (and, though I’ve loaded my avatar on my nascent blog site, I’m still a brown snowflake to you. I’m sure it won’t be the last time in my life I’ve passed for something I’m not.)


  2. TW: if you are hosted on, you also have to be logged into your WP account at the time you reply to other WP accounts for your avatar to make the hop over. If you run WP on an ISP of your choosing like Steve used to, you may have to play around with OpenID to get the avatar to show up.
    On my blog, I turned off the avatars because I didn’t like any of the filler avatars that WP gave to non-WP people.
    I hope that someday OpenID really takes hold and allows true social networking across all venues.


  3. Steve: Congrats (and a preemptive thanks!) on the EDF Antho.
    I think I’m going to grab a hardback…
    This is so cool!


  4. Okay … I’ve crunched the numbers. Only 3% of the stories in this volume are yours. I seriously think you could of done better than that. Just kidding … congrats!


  5. Thanks, Lyn. I LOVE YOUR AVATAR! Mechagodzilla rocks … until, of course, the One True Godzilla rips Mecha’s ugly mechanical head off!


  6. Mechagodzilla … King Caesar … sheesh. Ya’ll need to watch more Godzilla movies. We all know who is the STAR here, and who is merely supporting cast.


  7. Yeah, and Christian Bale stars in “The Dark Knight,” but which cast member is most likely to get an Oscar nomination?


  8. Dearest: The instant Mechagodzilla or King Caesar get an Oscar nomination (or, I dunno, a lifetime achievement award from M-TV …) then we can talk.


  9. I know you’ve never fully appreciated the true majesty of King Caesar, so we’ll let that pass.
    But as I recall the battle in question, King Caesar is fighting Mechagodzilla and Big G shows up to help him win.


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