A Faceless Sons story online …

I believe Gram’s Gift, one of my Faceless Sons sword & sorcery tales, goes live today at Residential Aliens, edited by Lyn Perry. Read it here, if you like.

Gram’s Gift was the first of that particular series to see print, a few years back in Amazing Journeys Magazine. The Mask Oath, which appears in the “Return of the Sword” anthology from Rogue Blades Entertainment, is part of the same cycle.

The Faceless Sons stories revolve around three brothers who have given up their identities and hide their faces behind masks, and will do so until they have slain the demons unleashed by their power-hungry wizard father. It’s pure sword & sorcery, sometimes told with one of the Faceless Sons as the protagonist, and sometimes told with someone else as the point-of-view character. I have a few other tales in the sequence, looking for homes in one nice publication or another.

— Steve


7 thoughts on “A Faceless Sons story online …

  1. Thanks, Fabien. The Sons and Calthus actually inhabit entirely different universes in my head, but it’s fantasy so I guess anything can happen.

    — Steve


  2. After all these years, you’d think I’d’ve known that about him.

    I do know that if you ever want to irritate my Steve Goble, just try spelling his name “Stephen.”


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