The Weight of Light

Another poem of mine went live today at Every Day Poets — it is called The Weight of Light.

I composed this one after my friend TW Williams tossed out the phrase “the weight of light” as a prompt for a short story. TW excels at examining such a prompt from various angles and spinning tales from it, and conversing with him about fiction is always a challenge and an inspiration.

This time, however, I got a poem instead of story out of it. Oh, I mused over a few story nuggets involving solar sails pushed by sunlight or vampires being caught outside in the morning and a few other things. None of them really clicked with me, but a verse popped into my head and so I wrote it.

I liked it, and submitted it to Every Day Poets right away and got an acceptance within a day or two. And now they’ve published it not long after I sent it to them, making this the fastest turnaround from inspiration to wondering if readers will get it that I’ve ever experienced.

Funny world, huh?

Oh, and remember, if you really like the phrase “the weight of light,” TW gets the credit.

— Steve


5 thoughts on “The Weight of Light

  1. I like it! And I completely agree with its message.

    I have a story of the same title, inspired by the same TW tossed out phrase, waiting to be written. That was a great phrase!


  2. Deven: It’s kind of a journalist/scientist/historian mantra, huh?

    I’m glad you got a story out of TW’s prompt. I still might, but it’s got to percolate a while yet …


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