Black Mountain Rag, by Doc Watson

Here’s one for guitar pickers … the one-and-only Doc Watson.

Gere and I got to hear him pick live a while back, and we both enjoyed it very much. This guy is a national treasure. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Black Mountain Rag, by Doc Watson

  1. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

    Gere and I have attended concerts by all of the performers I’ve included in Tuesday Tunes to date. I’m mostly picking people who are strongly represented in my CD collection and on my iPod, but as much as I love listening to these folks in my car or in my home, actually being present while they play is astounding.

    We sat fairly close to the stage for Doc Watson’s performance, and I was pretty much floored by the precision of his fingers and how cleanly he applies that flatpick.

    And just to make life totally unfair, Doc can sing rather well, too. He has one of those voices made for folk music.


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