New sword-and-sorcery coming at you …

Keep your eyes on Ricasso Press, because any day now editor Robert J. Santa will unveil the anthology “Black Dragon, White Dragon” and set things up so you can buy it.

This fantasy anthology will include “Otrossius and the Drake That Bothered No One,” a story in my darkly funny sword-and-sorcery series involving a demigod of prodigious strength and prowess offset by horrible people skills, and the hapless lackey tabbed to chronicle said hero’s adventures for all prosperity. Plus, the antho will include a lot of other stories involving dragons. You like dragons, right? I thought so.

I’ve sold two other stories of Otrossius and Lacius. One, “Otrossius in the Nest of Fire,” has been published at Big Pulp. You can read it here. The other, “The Temple of Squoad,” is forthcoming someday in “The Book of Tentacles,” an anthology coming from Sam’s Dot Publishing. You pretty much have to read something called  “The Book of Tentacles,” don’t you?

Anyway, “Otrossius and the Drake That Bothered No One” is essentially the origin story for this series. It tells how Otrossius and Lacius met, details the foundations for their unsteady relationship and includes a dragon. What more do you want?

If the prospect of reading my story isn’t enough to entice you, you should know that the anthology includes two stories from my good friend TW Williams. So what are you waiting for?

— Steve


One thought on “New sword-and-sorcery coming at you …

  1. I guess people have been ordering “Black Dragon, White Dragon” from already. So what are you waiting for?

    Thanks, Steve, for the shout-out. I think there are about two dozen stories in the volume, and Steve and I can avow that at least three of them are decent. (We actually got a peek at some during the proofing process, and readers of fantasy shouldn’t be disappointed.)

    And if you’re not an Ostrossius fan already, you will be after reading any of Steve’s stories. He’s hit on the perfect story-telling style and voice for these rollicking yarns.

    So go out and buy early and often. “Black Dragon, White Dragon” is a nice, warm dragon-fire cure for gloomy winter doldrums.


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