Get Out There and Dance, by Tim O’Brien

First off, let me apologize for this week’s Tuesday Tune showing up on a Wednesday. I have a great excuse for being late, though; Tuesday was my wife’s birthday and we spent the whole day just having fun.

The birthday girl requested the following ditty from Tim O’Brien. Tim is one of those musicians Gere and I both enjoy listening to very much, and I hope you all enjoy it, too:

P.S.: I’m working on a dial-up computer, and it would take me forever to actually play the video I’ve just posted. If you watch it, please post in the comments below to let me know if the quality is OK or if Tim starts spewing a torrent of Nazi propaganda filth (OK, that last bit ain’t gonna happen, but you get the point … let me know if I need to seek a new take on this tune.)

— Steve


3 thoughts on “Get Out There and Dance, by Tim O’Brien

  1. I’ll have Calthus track down the bastard who stuck his shoulder in the middle of your birthday video, dear … consider the guy roasted and spitted and fed to wild dogs.

    Happy Birthday!


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