A new place to show off your sword-and-sorcery skills …

A lot of magazines seem to be closing shop or trimming their product these days, but here is one example of sword-and-sorcery lovers forging right on ahead.

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly enters the fray, offering new stories of adventure, courage and large slimy examples of mutation gone horribly awry, no doubt often sporting lengthy fangs and sharp claws and such.

The editors, who remain anonymous on the Web site, offer decent pay for short fiction and poetry and plan to publish four issues online each year. The art on the Web site is very promising, indeed, and the guidelines seem to be well thought-out.

So while I have no idea what lies ahead for HQF, I have submitted a story. I’ll update you all here as to what it’s like working with HQF once I hear back from them.

— Steve


8 thoughts on “A new place to show off your sword-and-sorcery skills …

  1. I sent them a Faceless Sons story, one that had been slated for publication at All Possible Worlds before that magazine went bye-bye.

    I figured if one editor liked it, maybe another set of editors would like it, too.


  2. I don’t think LB and AS would be HFQ’s cup of tea — but there’s gold in the concept and you should keep writing those stories and sending them out there to people who like it … weird.


  3. I sent them something yesterday so I’ll see you in the slush. I posted a link to a blog entry by one of the guys behind this market on the SFReader forum in the Markets thread…I think…if you wanted to get some additional information. Good luck, not that you’ll need it.


  4. Jason … Good luck to you. Maybe all of us here can appear in HFQ together sometime.

    And I’ll take that luck, too!


  5. Hey fellow WordPressians–

    If you’re interested, here’s a few words on what we’d like to see more of at HeroicFantasyQuarterly:

    1. Stories that open with less hook and more bloodshed.
    2. Writing that turns a phrase or ten, a la REH. Go ahead–pulp it up!
    3. Dialogue, early and routinely. Avoid banter but (judiciously) utilize big talk, taunts, and insults.

    Thanks for submitting, all who have. (BTW, I’m not saying anyone here HASN’T included above elements, I’m just saying . . . ) We look forward to reading your work!


  6. David … thanks for stopping by. Editors who publish sword-and-sorcery are very welcome around here. And I think we have a few writers around these parts who can deliver what you are looking for …


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