Buddy Rich Memorial Concert solo, by Neil Peart

If you have ever spent even 30 seconds banging around on a drum kit, you’ve got to love this …

— Steve


3 thoughts on “Buddy Rich Memorial Concert solo, by Neil Peart

  1. Very cool; even for someone with the rhythm of a goldfish…

    Did you notice the reactions of the band members behind Neil?


  2. Yeah, I caught some of that band reaction … but mostly I was digging Neil’s stick work. He is amazing to watch.

    Peart put together a Buddy Rich tribute album several years ago. A lot of great drummers were involved, from jazz and rock, and each drummer selected a chart to play along with the Buddy Rich-style big band. The album is not full of drum solos, but as you might expect all the tunes have a lot of percussive drive to them.

    The album is called “Burning for Buddy,” and I recommend it to anyone who likes big band music — especially if you like drums.


  3. Thanks for posting this. I got to see Buddy Rich and Maynard Ferguson and their bands at the Palace in Columbus years ago. Memory serves that Rich was on first … and I remember coming away with the impression that Maynard’s drummer kicked his booty … or so it seemed at the time

    Thanks for the memories.


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