Fool for the City, by Foghat

Here’s the second installment of my “Four Lane Highway” edition Tuesday Tunes posts. Basically, I’m recreating the glory days of the band I played in with my friends way back just a few moments after the Cambrian Explosion, by posting videos of songs we played.

Here’s a rocker from Foghat:

Oddly, my clearest impression of us performing this song was at a party where we made a stage of the back porch, and the thing I remember most is that for this one performance, I was on the other end of the stage from my normal post. Usually, I was on the listeners’ right hand side, where I had a good view of John on drums and he had a good view of me. He and I being the rhythm section, eye-to-eye contact sometimes was essential.

Anyway, I remember playing this with me and my bass on the other side of the stage. It probably had something to do with a short power cable or something. Oh, well.

The other thing I remember was really digging the bass lines on this number.

— Steve


9 thoughts on “Fool for the City, by Foghat

  1. I always liked the juxtaposition of having “Fool For The City” and McGuffey Lane’s “Green Country Mountains” in the same set. Dredging up the memories… remember Mark screaming a “Foghat Live”-like introduction when we played at WHS?


  2. Was that the back of Braniff’s Trailer … I do remember cramming all of our gear into that little shed back there for practices … big difference from the straw factory … lol

    Call me strange, but these posts are making me want to create a Four Lane Highway play list in my iPod …. 🙂

    I already have a bunch of them, even some of the “rare” ones … Including my vote for the next Tuesdays edition …. “The Edge of Sundown” (the original DJB version, not the Molly Hatchet cover) ..


  3. John … the show I remember playing on the “wrong” side of the stage was on the back porch. One of those parties where we played to a small crowd. I have no idea why that particular song stands out in my mind that night — I’m sure we played a bunch of other songs, too, and I doubt I switched sides on the stage — but whenever I replay that song in my head, I’m on the wrong side, it’s freaking cold and I can’t see your face when I look toward the drum kit. Weird, huh?


  4. LOL … some things trigger the oddest memories … 🙂

    BTW: Just heard that GFR is doing a show at a small venue down here next month … “Somekind of Wonderful” always triggers the memory of drinking a case of warm Mt.Dew at your place on OSU campus close to High Street after the GFR show. I think Deven was your roomie at the time, I know he and Doug were there, not sure about Larry … also odd … lol


  5. “Some Kind of Wonderful” … there is another tune I hope I can find on YouTube. I always enjoyed that one.


  6. Yeah … that little shack was crowded and cold. I know as a band we wanted to be “tight,” but I don’t think that is what we meant …


  7. Oh yes that little shed was so tight but we had a blast in there. The song that comes to mind we tried was Hosana with Roger Harbert on trunpet talk about a blast from the past.


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