An interview, a reprint and Otrossius on tap …

It seems I was the most-read poet over at Every Day Poets for February, when my haiku “Winter’s Ghost” appeared … and that means the editors will interview me and post it on the site sometime in the near future. Me. Interviewed. About poetry. Whoodathunkit?

More details when I have them. In the meantime, you can read my more recent offering at EDF, a longer poem called “Truth Lies.” Another poem, called “A Buddha’s Walk,” is coming in May, I think.

In sword-and-sorcery news, Rogue Blade Entertainment is reprinting some of the Carnifex Press anthologies. First up, I believe, is “Clash of Steel: Demon” in which I have a darkly humorous and vicious little story called Zeerembuk.  It looks like editor Jason Waltz is updating things, including some new stories and probably a new cover.

I’m also eagerly awaiting details about “The Book of Tentacles” from Sam’s Dot Publishing, in which I’ll have another tale in my cycle about Otrossius the demigod and Lacius the hapless scribe. This one is called The Temple of Squoad, and in this tale Lacius takes center stage, much to his horror. I hope readers will find this one amusing, and a little gross.

— Steve

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