Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, by Bob Seger

In my continuing quest to find YouTube videos of original artists performing songs covered by Four Lane Highway, the band I played bass in back in the early Jurassic, I ran across Bob Seger performing on some 1960’s TV show. My bandmates and I never dressed like this, but we played on some stages that were eerily similar in size.

This is one of the tunes I sang lead on, at least some of the time. I think Deven sang this one sometimes, too.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy a look at a really young Bob Seger, pre-Silver Bullet Band.


12 thoughts on “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, by Bob Seger

  1. “The System”!!!
    Great song! I think I only sang lead during a practice or three before I convinced myself that I’d do better as backup.


  2. Practices and performances get all jumbled up in my memory sometimes. For instance, I know we fooled around with a couple of KISS songs in rehearsal. I distinctly remember Larry showing me how to retune my bass to play Gene Simmons’ lines in “Rock and Roll All Night.” I know we messed around with “Cold Gin.” But I can’t recall if we ever played either one at an actual gig or party. I suspect we played “Rock and Roll All Night” live, but I don’t think we played “Cold Gin.”

    Can any of you guys jar my memory on that one?


  3. Yeah … R&R All Night we did, I don’t even remember practicing Cold Gin. I know some of our standards were all Eagles tunes … I think when we started either Larry or Doug only knew “g”, “c” and “d” … hehe

    Ly’in Eyes
    Already Gone
    Peaceful Easy Feeling

    I remember those three off the top of my head …

    Oh and I remember we at least practiced “I’ll fix your flat tire Merl”.

    Totally un-related to this topic; found this writers community site and thought of you Steve … let me know what you think… http://www.legendfire.com/


  4. No set lists, really. But if you’ve got one in a scrapbook somewhere, please share it.

    I’ll check out the writer group link when i get a chance, thanks.

    Oh … and tomorrow’s Tuesday Tune (FLH Edition) will slow things down a bit. Care to guess?

    — Steve


  5. “Cold Gin” might have been just me and Larry and maybe Rick Breitenbach or Tom Hawk or somebody just goofing around. I kind of remember Larry playing that slow rhythm riff, and then me chiming in on the bass. Of course, I could just be nuts … !


  6. I don’t remember practicing “Cold Gin”, but definitely recall “Rock and Roll All Night’ and “Beth”. Like you, practices get jumbled with performances in my head. Some of our best, tightest, “performances” were the practices shortly before life, college, jobs, etc. took over.

    Hey, John. You have to let us know the next time you are headed to Ohio, and make sure you set aside some time for a picnic, or dinner, or something where we can all sit around and tell lies.


  7. … and where we can all sit around and play music! I know where we can get our hands on a drum set if we are real nice.


  8. I’d be happy sitt’n around a campfire with flattops .. 🙂 I tend to make it back to Ohiio once every few years, I think I have been back maybe 3 times since moving down here. That’s gotta change.

    Man I do have the itch to play again. Gotta start a Drum Kit Fund.


  9. There is a New River trip being planned for Oct. If you guys aren’t coming, I can at least try to extend the trip and make a little jog northward.

    Darren is planning it. I think there’s a chance Roger is coming too.


  10. Ok to follow up on this post we did play RR All Night and Beth. Cold Gin was something I did learn to play and I remember just jaming to it never playing it. Which brings back old memories as well. I just sat down a few days ago with the Tele and started playing Got to Chose and Fire House off of the Kiss Alive album ok cd now lol. Thank goodness I know more chords then g c and d also. Camp fire and flat tops that would be fun too. If we can make it happen I will make sure to bring the Ovation along.


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