Wonderful Tonight, by Eric Clapton

Today’s offering of Tuesday Tunes (Four Lane Highway edition) slows things down a bit.

For the uninitiated, these posts feature original artists doing the songs covered by Four Lane Highway, the band I played bass in a long time ago.

Like last week’s Bob Seger tune, this is one of the songs I sang — if what I did could be properly called singing.

— Steve


8 thoughts on “Wonderful Tonight, by Eric Clapton

  1. As I recall, you sang this one very well. I also recall being able to slow dance with ladies in the audience a time or two while you sang it — if what I did could be properly called dancing.


  2. John … the bass part was rather easy, too, which was why I was able to sing it and play it at the same time. I can strum a guitar and sing, but I was never able to divide my mind between playing a semi-complicated bass line and singing.

    Deven … why, thank you. I recall a couple of times other people telling me I did OK on that, too. Larry’s sister Cheryl once gave me a nod and a thumbs-up and mouthed “good job” while I was singing it. So, I always enjoyed doing that song.


  3. I actually do remember we put that slow song in after a couple of rather fast tunes and it was a nice rest … hehe

    I remember when you sang Steve we didn’t get that eye contact we usually had, good thing the timing was rather easy on those songs … 🙂

    BTW .. getting one of these this weekend … http://grandfunkrailroad.com/2009tourteeblue.htm

    I’ll try and get some pics to post for everyone.


  4. The timing was easy for you guys but if my memory serve me I struggled with the timing of the lead breaks.


  5. Hey, Larry. Clapton has a unique flow… that’s the best I can describe what I hear. I could imagine it being very difficult to imitate.
    Of course we all remember that I had trouble with timing in general…


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