A new poem coming up, and an interview with the author …

You can check out the table of contents for the May edition of Every Day Poets right here.

I’m on there twice (OK, three times, but one is a mistake). My poem, A Buddha’s Walk, will appear May 6. Later in May, EDP will publish an interview with yours truly. Apparently, a lot of people read my haiku Winter’s Ghost in February, hence the interview.

We haven’t conducted the interview yet, but I’ll do my best to look like I know what I’m talking about. In my mind, I fear a lot of questions about dactyls and spondees and couplets and kennings — the latter two I know a bit about, the first two I’d have to look up. Anyway, when it comes to poetry I am much more concerned about “message” and “feel” than I am about “form” or “rules.” More on that when the interview appears, I’m sure.

In the meantime, I also am on pins and needles regarding a fiction submission that resulted in a nibble, and I’m trying to get from “thinking mode” and back to “writing mode” on the Calthus novel. I also am awaiting publication details on “The Book of Tentacles” from Sam’s Dot Publishing, which will contain a new Otrossius/Lacius tale called The Temple of Squoad. And we’re trying to work out some stuff on our Carnivah House anthology, “The Infinity Swords.”

Plus, it’s that time of year when the grass wants to be cut every three hours, and my second-grader daughter beams happily over bright yellow dandelions that will turn into lawn-choking weeds (so far this year she has not berated me for chopping off their little yellow heads when I mow …), and my girl has soccer practices and games and Girl Scout meetings, and my wife has myriad plans for the house and yard, and I’m writing a column for the newspaper each week that eats up a little time, too.

Busy, busy.

— Steve

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