The Cimmerian reviews “Return of the Sword”

The Cimmerian, a way cool Web site and journal devoted to Robert E. Howard, Tolkien and other sword-wielding fiction, has posted a new review of “Return of the Sword” from Rogue Blades Entertainment.

My Faceless Sons story in that anthology, “The Mask Oath,” was rated as “well worth reading.” I’ll take that. The review also says nice things about other sword-and-sorcery authors you know and love (or damn well should …)

And just because the Cimmerian decided to post this review of my sword-and-sorcery story on the same day that Every Day Poets  posted one of my zen-ish offerings, I am officially declaring myself a warrior-poet.

— Steve


3 thoughts on “The Cimmerian reviews “Return of the Sword”

  1. ‘Warrior-poet’ has a nice ring to it. The perfect title for one writing the riddles of steel.

    Congrats on more good words for “The Mask Oath”!


  2. Well, heck, thank you for publishing it!

    It must be nice to see your antho reviewed at The Cimmerian.


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