Set phasers to “Kick Ass!”

… in other words, the new “Star Trek” movie rocks.

We all are living in an altered timeline, in which odd-numbered Trek films don’t suck. This new reality thread we share bodes well for the future of the Trek franchise.

I will not include any spoilers here. I will simply say that this longtime fan found nothing to complain about with this “reboot” — it works within the context of the established Trek multiverse just fine. The cast is good, the movie felt like Trek and it moves along at high warp throughout.

This particular Trek offering is not high on cerebral content, and you’ll spot one or two minor plot flaws. But if you enjoy Trek, I think you’ll enjoy this. And the movie leaves plenty of room for something more brain-heavy next time out. For now just grab some popcorn, silence your communicator and beam yourself to the cineplex.


— Steve

12 thoughts on “Set phasers to “Kick Ass!”

  1. Yes I agree for all those Trekie this is a very good movie. I enjoyed it from start to finish. Being a be space sci-fi guy after getting totally hooked on the Startgate series this movie didn’t disappoint me at all. I agree with Steve the cast was well selected and they really did a nice job of adding certain mannerisms from the original cast. I agree that I don’t want to give too much away but typically like all first movies more character setups then plot setup so I suspect that future films will be more on that lines. This move was to setup the characters to get us to except them as the new crew and they did a great job at it. I am totally looking forward to many more movies.


  2. I agree! Karl Urban was fantastic as McCoy.

    I am refusing to talk about it with anyone that has not yet seen it. It would be too easy to spoil the experience. As a die-hard original Trek fan, I was very happy about this reboot.


  3. I believe Karl Urban has either A) spent a great deal of his life whipping out his Dr. McCoy imitation at parties, or B) spent the last year or two doing NOTHING but watching DeForrest Kelly, or C) is simply brilliant, or D) all of the above.


  4. Likely all of the above (heh). He is a well rounded actor as his roles as Eomer (Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Kirill (Bourne Supremacy) demonstrate.


  5. Yes I agree he was very good at playing Bones I thought all the characters did a great job in reenacting each character totally and awesome movie really looking forward to another movie. I hope they don’t remake and old Trek movie but create all new plots and adventures for this crew.


  6. “Breathing new life” into the series as Mr. Nemoy said is the understatement of the year.

    Second best Trek Movie so far .. “Wrath” will be hard to beat by any crew.

    Deven go see it already so we can talk about the meat.


  7. I saw it! I just don’t want to spoil it for anyone ELSE.

    Ben Cross did a great job as Sarek. Did anyone else hear a bit of “Chariots of Fire” playing when he was on screen, or was that in my head?


  8. I saw it! I just don’t want to spoil it for anyone ELSE.

    Ben Cross did a great job as Sarek. Did anyone else hear a bit of “Chariots of Fire” playing when he was on screen, or was that in my head?

    I agree, Larry. I hope they stay away from all the old stories–even the tribbles. It would be silly to rehash all the old stuff.


  9. Oh, I don’t know … a few seconds of screen time aboard a Klingon vessel suddenly infested with tribbles might be a hilarous opening to a movie.


  10. Well, yeah. I am all for in-jokes that reference the pre-reboot Trek. As long as the tribbles weren’t the whole movie or even a minor plot-line, I’d be fine with it. I guess what I am afraid of is “the suits” deciding that having tribbles eat up a colony’s shipment of Kashi Quadrotriticale Crunch would be “just the thing” to get the “hate the reboot” fans on board, and have a health conscious corporate tie-in as well.

    Speaking of tribbles aboard a Klingon vessel, I like Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead is hillarious), but think he fell just a little short as Scotty. Hopefully there will be another movie and he can prove me wrong.


  11. Good thoughts, Dev.

    I thought Pegg was maybe a wee bit manic in his portrayal of Scottie, but it didn’t throw me off too much. Part of the problem was that the script made Scottie a bit of a slapstick character … more the writer’s fault than Pegg’s, in my opinion.

    It’s much like the Gimli problem in the “Lord of the Rings” movies. The script made Gimli a slapstick character. John Rhys-Davies did an excellent job as Gimli, I thought, but I would have preferred that the script didn’t make him the butt of humor. So, too, with Scottie, to a lesser extent.

    As long as we’re hashing out the cast, I felt John Cho fell short as Sulu. As Gere pointed out, George Takei had a grace, and a dignity, about him that Cho just didn’t bring to the role at all. Granted, the movie didn’t give him a lot to do — but a young George Takei routinely took such minor moments and performed them with a poise that made him stand out.

    I also shall never forgive the screenwriters for the bungle they created for Sulu at the helm, just to set up a plot element. Sulu would not have made such a goofy little mistake.


  12. Takei is my favorite of the original cast actors. I agree with Gere on this. Even in “The Green Berets” his acting was riveting. Like Pegg, Cho had to work with the script he was handed.

    On to Chekov. Anton Yelchin definitely had the accent down. I have been working with many Russians over the past few years and have become use to the real thing. Yelchin’s parents are both Russian I am told, so that had to help.
    My problems with the character were with the script. Why have the kid run to the transporter room instead of switching control to his station on the bridge. Heck, we can do that now within the VA (switching applications between workstations, not transporting people.)

    Still, with all the little nit-picky things, I wouldn’t mind seeing it again–soon.


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