Rock and Roll All Nite, by KISS

Here’s another Four Lane Highway flashback.

When me and the boys were playin’ this one, it was always a lot of trouble getting Larry into his makeup. He thought the black-and-silvery face paint clashed with his eyes, so Deven and Doug had to hold him down while John and I applied the cosmetics. John hated that, because the gunk on his fingers was slippery and he always ended up dropping a drumstick later.

Of course, I could be remembering this all wrong. There was a lot of beer some nights.

My brother Mark ran sound boards and lights for us many times, and I’m sure he would have loved getting to play with some of the pyrotechnic gear in this video.

Have fun.


5 thoughts on “Rock and Roll All Nite, by KISS

  1. Steve I think maybe the beer was really flowing that day for some reason I not remembering it quite that way but who knows I was probably drunk myself. I was all about the matching of my outfits lol. So bring on the Rock – n – Roll and the party everyday. It is time for FLH reunion for sure.


  2. My memory is a little fuzzy as well. But our shows drew the same size crowds as KISS, right? It was kinda hard to see into the audience with the lighting system we had.


  3. Good Choice. Annie made me watch the American Idol Final last night and I am glad she did. Kiss performed and they did a medley which included this song.

    Queen also did “We are the Champions” .. It would actually have been a rock’n show, if they would have only left out the contestants.

    You know Steve, you have left out our main Jam song all these weeks …



  4. Yeah… I know I used the wrong for of “Hear”. We are having “Thirsty Thursdays” here at the office. It’s a Fiesta theme and the Patron Margaritas are flowing. Sorry. Feeling a little to good for spelling.

    BTW… I love my Job. 🙂

    .. FreeBird .. FreeBird ..


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