New sword & sorcery coming in June …

I’m told the editors at Sam’s Dot Publishing hope to release “The Book of Tentacles” in late June.

In that book, I’ll have another offering in my cycle about Otrossius the demigod and Lacius the hapless scribe. If you keep your eyes open for stories of large monsters, sword-slingers and strange priests with gross physical deformities, then you may have run into Otrossius and Lacius before in such places as Big Pulp ezine and in the “Black Dragon, White Dragon” anthology from Ricasso Press. Most of the stories in this cycle chronicle the scribe’s attempts to have Our Hero, and overbearing lout, shuffle off his mortal coil. The new story is called The Temple of Squoad, and it breaks that mold somewhat. I hope you enjoy it.

— Steve


One thought on “New sword & sorcery coming in June …

  1. Looking forward to this antho — of course, I tried to get in it, too, but no such luck. I’m curious to see what sort of mixture of genres the finished product will have.


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