‘Rage of the Behemoth’ reviewed …

Here’s a review The Cimmerian posted regarding  “Rage of the Behemoth,” the latest sword-and-sorcery anthology from Rogue Blades Entertainment.

I don’t have a story in this one, but very nice things are said about work from TW Williams, Bill Ward, Bruce Durham, Jason Thummel and other names you ought to recognize if you are a sword-and-sorcery fan.

— Steve


3 thoughts on “‘Rage of the Behemoth’ reviewed …

  1. Hey Steve, thanks for posting the link to the review (and for mentioning me among such other fine folk).

    You’ve been rather quiet on the boards and the blog of late, hope that means good things for your writing and life (though not necessarily in that order).


  2. Jason T: Yeah, I’ve been quiet online for a while now. I’m not getting any fiction written, and a lot of it has to do with my work, but there’s fun stuff, too, like a big new dog and a girl who keeps us busy with soccer and school and Girl Scouts and such.

    I hope to get back to this blog more often in the near future.

    — Steve


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