Of tentacles and sword-and-sorcery and dark things inside you …

Suddenly, I have new fiction cropping up in delightfully strange places.

tentaclescover First off, “The Book of Tentacles” will be available from Sam’s Dot Publishing in November. Tucked among the thirty or so tales you’ll find behind that really cool cover will be one from me, called “The Temple of Squoad.” This is a darkly humorous sword-and-sorcery piece in my series about Otrossius the demigod and his hapless companion Lacius. If you’ve encountered those two in the “Black Dragon, White Dragon” anthology from Ricasso Press or perhaps at Big Pulp, then you know at least a bit of what to expect. If these characters are new to you, I’ll simply say this isn’t Conan or Fafhrd and the Mouser. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

The stories in this antho are not all sword-and-sorcery, by the way, but they’re all … tentacle-ish. Some horror, some science fiction, some probably unclassifiable stuff — and me. It ought to be a lot of fun.

Camille Alexa, who used to drop by these parts now and then back when I had time to blog once a week or so, also has a story in this book.

In other news, I’ve learned that Every Day Fiction wants my horror flash “Waiting to Pounce” for its “Best of Every Day Fiction 2009” anthology. More details on that when I get them, but I can say the 2008 edition from EDF is the handsomest edition on my vanity shelf — and I am damned glad to be in the next rendition. I know Deven Atkinson and Bill Ward are in there too, and probably a bunch of other people I should mention. I promise a link to the table of contents when that’s available.

“Waiting to Pounce,” a tale of a dark thing that might be inside you, or me, at this very moment, is the kind of horror I seem to do best — creepy, freaky and utterly plausible.

Lastly, here’s a reminder that I’ll have a Calthus story (that’s right, Calthus — sword-and-sorcery antihero raised from Hell in a new body to kick ass in a world he does not recognize) coming in the “Through Blood and Iron” antho from Ricasso Press. Editor Rob Santa wanted action, action and more action flavored with a little action, and he thought my story “Deep as Death” fit the bill.

It feels good to know my most popular sword-and-sorcery character is back in action. Damned good.

— Steve


4 thoughts on “Of tentacles and sword-and-sorcery and dark things inside you …

  1. Yeah! More anthologies to grace my bookcase. Looking forward to reading these. Especially “Squoad”; I really like Otrossius and Lacius.


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