The pen is mightier, but the sword is a lot of fun …

For the past year, I’ve been writing a newspaper/online column focused on hot-button issues. Most of the topics I wrote about hovered in that area where politics, religion and science meet.

The column took a lot of energy, required a lot of reading and keeping up-to-date on things — and usually resulted in some online conversation (read “wrestling in mud with rabid alligators”). It was fun at times, exhausting at other times, frustrating most of the time. And it diverted an awful lot of my energy away from writing fiction, and this blog. If you’ve been wondering where the hell I’ve been, that’s where.

I’ve decided to put the column, “It’s Debatable,” to rest, to the dismay of some and to the no-doubt great joy of others. It’s not an easy call for me to make, but the silver lining is that I ought to be able to channel all the energy that went into the column and put it into fiction instead. That’s a silver lining for me, anyway. I suppose it remains to be seen whether it is a silver lining for the reading public.

So, later tonight I will sip some good bourbon and let my mind dwell on Calthus of Thaal, Spider John Quail, Otrossius and his poor sidekick Lacius. I’ll let my mental cinema screen show me images of violence and grandeur, danger and mayhem, beauty and beasts. Sooner or later, a story will emerge and I’ll write it — and all will be well.

This blog will be more active, too — but don’t expect things to get political or controversial as in the past. Nerdy, semi-literary pulpy goodness more likely will be the order of the day.

— Steve


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