‘Gram’s Gift,’ a Faceless Sons story, reprint coming to Residential Aliens …

Keep your eyes peeled for Residential Aliens, print issue 2.

That issue will include a sword-and-sorcery story from me called Gram’s Gift. The piece is part of my Faceless Sons cycle, in which I recount the exploits of three masked brothers who hunt down the demons unleashed by their power-mad father. Another Faceless Sons tale, The Mask Oath, appeared in the Rogue Blades Entertainment anthology “The Return of the Sword,” where you might also have enjoyed stories from  TW Williams, Ty Johnston, S.C. Bryce, Bill Ward, James Enge, Bruce Durham and other names you ought to recognize if you love sword-and-sorcery .

What’s that? You thought sword-and-sorcery died with Robert E. Howard and Karl Edward Wagner? C’mon … try to keep up. The authors noted above, and others, are producing a lot of fun stuff. I’m glad to see my work tucked in there with theirs.

Gram’s Gift appeared way back when in Amazing Journeys Magazine , volume 2 issue 9, but editor Residential Aliens publisher Lyn Perry thought it would work for his new print venture. I’m real happy to see Lyn try his hand at a print magazine, and doubly glad to have one of my stories appear in his project.

If you like the swords and the sorcery, by all means give Lyn’s project a look.

— Steve


3 thoughts on “‘Gram’s Gift,’ a Faceless Sons story, reprint coming to Residential Aliens …

  1. Thanks, Jason. And I agree, Deven. Look for it soon. And if anyone who has a blog and likes to review zines and wants a free pdf of Issue 2, let me know. 🙂


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