Pulpy goodness …

See those books I’m holding? That’s a mere random sampling from the three grocery bags full of paperbacks Gere and I netted from a friend who wants to create more space in his home. We traded a bottle of awesome hootch for the Saint, the Continental Op, Brother Cadfael, Modesty Blaise, some Sherlock Holmes knock-offs, some good old-fashioned horror and more.

I tell ya, book people are good people.

I finished a Modesty Blaise book, “In the Beginning,” which reprints the comic strip adventures of this girl James Bond. I’ve seen panels from comic strips reproduced, and I’ve heard Modesty mentioned here and there, but I’ve never actually sat down with a Modesty Blaise adventure and read it. Now I have, and it was a load of fun. I have about fifteen of these books now, thanks to our friend; a mix of comic strips and novels.

I also scored a lot of books about the Saint, by Leslie Charteris. I love these goofy, improbable tales of a Robin Hood-ish swashbuckler wending his way through the world of crime and frustrating Scotland Yard at every turn. I have about 40 new ones to read … whoohoo! (Thanks, Ron!)

The Continental Op is Dashiell Hammett’s precursor to Sam Spade, Phillip Marlowe, Lew Archer, Travis McGee and every other hard-boiled detective you can think of. I have three new collections of these.

I haven’t even gone through Gere’s stuff yet, but I know she loaded up on Brother Cadfael, a Medieval monk who solves murders the old-fashioned way. I’m sure I’ll enjoy a lot of what she nabbed, and she’s already making noises about giving the Saint a go.

We’ll certainly have a good time with all this stuff, and I think Ron was happy to see his books go to a new home where they will be read and enjoyed.

Life is good.

— Steve


3 thoughts on “Pulpy goodness …

  1. I love netting a new stash of books. We got new bookshelves last summer and they are already overflowing.
    Awesome accompanying picture, btw!


  2. Shot with our new Mac’s built-in camera. It was a bit of a test drive for me, but our 9-year-old can make it do all kinds of tricks.


  3. If I had that many Saints I would *never* give them away. And you touch my Cadfaels over my dead body. You’ve got a lot of good reading ahead!


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