DeCaprio? As Travis McGee?

I’m not seeing it. That’s the rumor, though, concerning a Hollywood movie based on John D. MacDonald’s adventure-seeking, mystery-solving, life-pondering detective.

A big-budget McGee flick could be way cool, but I just don’t see Leo pulling this one off. I’m not sure who else I’d pick, but …

— Steve

2 thoughts on “DeCaprio? As Travis McGee?

  1. Not that I’m a big fan of his, but I think this would be more up Matt Damon’s alley. I can’t see Leo doing it. Maybe Cruise, 10 years ago.


  2. McGee is supposed to be built like a tight end, big but not muscle-bound, sort of rangy. Big enough to hurt you, and quick enough to get there in time to do it.

    McGee also ought to be able to switch from affable beach bum mode to intimidating sonofabitch at will. I just don’t see Leo that way.


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