“Through Blood and Iron” table of contents …

Rob Santa at Ricasso Press has put together  a table of contents for his next anthology, “Through Blood and Iron.”

The call for submissions on this one mentioned Rob wanted action, action and action. I think my Calthus story, “Deep as Death,” fits that bill.

If you’ve been paying attention to sword-and-sorcery and fantasy of late, you’ll recognize a lot off the names on the author list. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Lindsay Buroker, “Through Fire Distilled”
  • Christopher Heath, “Azieran: Instant Carnage and the Secret of Runic Steel”
  • Brent Knowles, “The Daughter’s Oath”
  • Jeff Draper, “The Feorhmaegan”
  • Jeffery Scott Sims, “The Guardian of the Treasure”
  • Jason E. Thummel, “Talieron, Under the Bloodied Sun”
  • John M. Whalen, “The Hostage of Maldon”
  • Jason M. Waltz, “As Darkness Falls, so too Truth”
  • Bruce Durham, “Apocalypse”
  • Lee Reynoldson, “A Hound Against Hawks and Wolves”
  • Jo Thomas, “Broken Bear”
  • Peter J. Mitchell, “Blood and Taxes”
  • Nathan Meyer, “Blood and Thunder”
  • T. A. Markitan, “Bottom of the Wishing Well”
  • TW Williams, “Each Day Its Debt”
  • David Tallerman, “No Rest for the Wicked”
  • Steve Goble, “Deep as Death”
  • Bill Ward, “Secrets of the Iron Skull Order”
  • Nicholas Ozment, “Skin Deep”
  • Lance Schonberg, “Inside the Circle”
  • James Lecky, “Forged in Heaven, Tempered in Hell”
  • Craig Comer, “A Morning Storm in Lord Hairng’s Encampment”

Rob says he might yet add a flash story or two if any come in soon. That all adds up to a lot of mayhem. I’ll let you know when the publication date nears.

— Steve

8 thoughts on ““Through Blood and Iron” table of contents …

  1. Just a quick note:

    We recently added a feature to Every Day Poets to give us some stats on how a poem has been rated by readers (it’s similar to the one we have at Every Day Fiction).

    Turns out that your haiku Winter’s Ghost is the site’s top poem of all time. That’s huge, considering not only how many we publish, but also how many are submitted that didn’t make it to the site.




  2. Wow! Look what a guy misses when he neglects his own blog! Thanks for popping that in here, Jordan.

  3. Whoa … I have two in the top 10? And my interview made the top 10 as well?

    I’m honored, but the interview in the top 10? Maybe something is wonky with your software, Jordan?

    — Steve

  4. Lol. Yeah, I already talked to my webmaster about the interview–they shouldn’t be included. Generally friends just give interviews 5 stars, so the rating is always off. Poems, however, are usually rated true. You earned it, Steve.

  5. Thanks, Jordan … I’m really happy about this. It’s kind of funny, though. I have three poems in the “Best of” anrtho coming up — and “Winter’s Ghost” isn’t one of them!

    — Steve

  6. The editors cap it at three poems per poet, in order to better showcase a variety of talent, and they have the final say as to what’s included. Reader ratings play a role, but ultimately it’s up to them what goes in. Obviously, your other three hit more of a chord with the staff at EDP.


  7. I’m not complaining, bud. I’m happy to have any poems in the book at all.

    — Steve

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