The Search for an Agent

My quest continues. To date, three literary agents have asked to see more after reading my initial query letter on my pirate novel. I am waiting to hear back from all three, and now that we are into December I suspect I won’t hear from any until January.

About 15 agents decided to pass. That leaves about 70 agents queried who have yet to respond. Many of those won’t respond at all, unless they are interested. That is just how it goes; as near as I can tell, most agents see a vast number of queries that do little more than slow them down, or make them gag a little. They do not take time to respond to those.

I do not think my queries fall into the “man, this sucks” category. I take genuine solace in the fact that three agents, so far, were intrigued enough by my query to ask for the manuscript. They don’t make a dime off of me unless they sell my book to a publisher, so if they aren’t ignoring me already, it’s because they see potential. I feel as though I have beaten some great odds already.

But, damn, it’s a slow process. Dead lizard slow. Slow, slow, sloooooooooooow.

While I wait, I work on the modern-day rural murder mystery, tentatively titled “Dark Out Here.” It is written in first person, which seems to come naturally to me, and it is a huge change of pace from the Spider John pirate novel.  I have another Spider John novel plotted, and partially written, but the change of venues seems invigorating, so I am going to see the detective novel through before writing the Spider John sequel. 

Of course, nothing would boost my productivity and enthusiasm quite so much as having a literary agent say, “Hello, I think we can sell this …”

Sigh. Keep going, writer friends. Keep going.


One thought on “The Search for an Agent

  1. I think you are doing well, and staying determined is half the battle. Funnily enough I got picked up by a publisher directly from my Blog, and they then asked me to write a book. Having had two released I am hoping to attract the attentions of a larger publisher with more marketing clout for my third which I am currently writing, and this will, I think, require me to venture down the same road you are bravely walking. I do think having a good social media presence, as well as a good manuscript, is an important factor in gaining the right interest.


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