My novel will be published!

If you have been thinking, “what this world really needs is a good whodunit novel set on a pirate ship,” well, there is a publishing house that agrees with you.
My debut novel, “The Bloody Black Flag,” will be published by Seventh Street Books, an imprint of Prometheus Books. Seventh Street specializes in mysteries and thrillers, and my book will be in very good company. I’ve known for a while but didn’t get around to mention it here at SAB because of many, many things keeping me busy in The Real World.
My novel has sort of a “Robert Louis Stevenson meets Sherlock Holmes” vibe. Lots of action, a mystery to solve and a colorful cast of very bad pirates. The plan is to release it in the fall of 2017. Between now and then, I will be working with an editor at Seventh Street to get the book in the best shape possible, while writing the next book in the series and eagerly waiting to see what the cover art will look like.

I also have some promotional homework to do. Not as much fun as the actual writing, but necessary if I want to sell some books. 

About that second book: The editor at Seventh Street liked “The Bloody Black Flag” enough to offer a contract on the second book in the series, which I am still writing. How cool is that?
There are plenty of people for me to thank, but for now I want to focus on a few who had something to do with this book in particular:
My agent, Evan Marshall, liked the book from the beginning and made some keen observations that made it better. And then he went out and sold the thing, so … thanks, Evan!
Dan Mayer is the top editor at Seventh Street Books, and the guy who decided to unleash this piratical mayhem on the world, so … thanks, Dan!
Tom Williams is one of my best friends on Earth, and took time away from writing his own science fiction and fantasy stuff to read my manuscript and point out all its faults. My book is better thanks to his sage advice. So … thanks, Tom!
Finally, I have to thank my Gere. Aside from believing I could do it, discussing plot points and providing some damn fine line-by-line edits, she is the one who said, “Take the layoff, you’ll use that time to actually finish a novel.” Someday, when people ask me how to get started as a writer, I will tell them: “Marry someone smarter than you.” Thanks, my love. I could not have done it without you!


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