Beware of false pirates …

I ran across a goofy website claiming to offer my upcoming book for pre-order. The text promoting my novel was so laughably bad I doubt anyone who has ever read a book would be fooled by it, but I am posting here nonetheless to let potential buyers know there are some bogus sites out there.
I reported it to my publisher, who informs me that it is a phishing operation: They want you to provide personal info and credit card numbers, and you won’t ever get the book. Prometheus Books has a legal department that deals with these now and then, and will work to make this one go away.

I doubt any of you would have been fooled by this shitty attempt (I am not going to share the link), but I hope to help you avoid running afoul of a more sophisticated operation. 

To be sure you are ordering “The Bloody Black Flag,” the world’s one-and-only pirate murder mystery novel as far as I can tell, please use one of the sellers accessible through my publisher’s website. And check out the other cool books offered there. I’ve been checking them out, and haven’t run across a stinker yet.


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