Pssst! Hey! Wanna free pirate murder mystery?

Want to win a free advance reading copy of my novel, “The Bloody Black Flag?”
If you log your books on, you have a chance to win an ARC. Just look up my book, sign up for the giveaway and wait a week or so for the results. 15 lucky people will receive a free advance copy of the book, and will not have to wait until the Sept. 12 release date.

The ARC is the copy sent to reviewers and book bloggers, so it still has some typos that will not appear in the final product. But it is still a good rip-roaring pirate murder mystery.

Goodreads, by the way, is a great social network for readers. People log what they read, write reviews, join book discussions, etc. I am on there, so if you are already there or are signing up fresh, send me a friend request if you like.

If you are interested in winning an ARC of “The Bloody Black Flag,” go to and sign up. Good luck!


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