My first podcast interview

Writers love talking about their books, right?

I do, but I am still learning to get over the nerves when it comes to public speaking. I had an especially good time, though, talking about mysteries and pirates with Laura Brennan for her Destination Mystery podcast.

Part of what made it comfortable was the fact that we did it over Skype, so it was just me sitting in the living room and no one could see me scrunching up my face trying to come up with the right words. Laura edited out a good deal of “ums” and “uhs.”

But the other thing that made it comfortable is that the podcast is focused on mysteries, so I was talking to a fellow fan and another writer. She asked good questions, knew the genre well, picked up on a few things about my book and generally just made it a fun discussion.

Give it a listen, then check out the other interviews at the site. And you can sign up to win a free copy of “The Bloody Black Flag” while you are there.

You can find the podcast on iTunes as well.

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