Why I need a time machine

I entered last week eager to get back to a novel in progress that went on the back burner while I completed the second Spider John book. I had a deadline for the Spider book, so it had to come first.

But my real-life job required some extra hours this past week, with folks on vacation and some training sessions and such, so I actually did not get a lot done on the non-pirate project. I hope to dive back into it this week.

The new book is very different from my Spider John stories. It is a rural cop story, told in first person and set in a fictional Ohio county. There is a look at some of the realities of police work, a smattering of politics and a main character who is battling some private demons. And sex, too. So far, I haven’t written much sex into the Spider books. Maybe I am a Puritan …

Anyway, I am thinking the new book will have a little sex, and even a bit of romance. (I’ve got you worried now, right?)

The new project is fun for me. I like writing in first person, with a narrator just telling his story. It feels very direct and smooth, with less laboring over the words. I just have to hear the narrator in my head, and write it down.

There is less research involved with this one, too. I have lived in Ohio my entire life, and I have covered the police beat as a journalist.

My hope is to get a lot done on the new book while my agent looks over the Spider John novel, which is tentatively titled “The Devil’s Wind.” When I get my agent’s notes back I will run through the pirate book again and get it ready to send to my publisher. Then, once my publisher accepts it (which my come after some further editorial suggestions on his part …) I will focus primarily on the cop story while researching 18th Century English madhouses in advance of writing the third Spider John book.

See why I wish I could make fiction writing a full-time gig? This stuff takes time!

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