Are you ready to sail “The Devil’s Wind” with Spider John?

Ahoy, lubbers and buccaneers …

If you just can’t wait to read another Spider John novel, I have good news for you: You can pre-order the next one right now.

“The Devil’s Wind: A Spider John Mystery” is scheduled for release in print and ebook formats on Sept. 11, but you can order now.

The book is a sequel of sorts to “The Bloody Black Flag: A Spider John Mystery,” but if you did not read that one yet it should not be an obstacle to you in reading the new one. I want each book to stand on its own as a blend of old-fashioned whodunit and pirate swashbuckling adventure. Of course, if you do read the second book first, I hope it makes you want to check out the second one …

I am really happy with this one. I think it has a better plot, a better cast of characters and a better mystery at its core. Spider is back, of course, as are his friends Hob and Odin.

I like the supporting characters in this one, too: A vengeful dwarf. Dueling theologians. A redhead who hides guns under her skirt. A grieving captain. A sadistic and menacing pirate. A young beauty who has turned more than one head aboard Redemption. A former slave, very protective of that beauty.

And the mystery itself? A locked-room murder, aboard a ship. Spider has a good deal more traditional sleuthing to do in this adventure, along with all the dodging of musket balls and swinging of cutlasses.

Does that sound fun to you?  I hope so. — Steve

p.s. Here is a larger look at the very piratical cover …

2 thoughts on “Are you ready to sail “The Devil’s Wind” with Spider John?

  1. Hello Steve!
    I thoroughly enjoyed The Bloody Black Flag, but I won’t buy The Devil’s Wind. I don’t do series, sequels, or prequels. I want authors to brew up something new, not to make new infusion of the same essence over and over again. I just wanted to let you know, because – how would you know that and why you lost a reader otherwise? I would have bought a different, fresh book from you. I’m not going to buy a succession of Spider Johns.
    Best regards,


  2. Your money, your choice, of course.

    I want other readers to know, however, I tried hard to give Spider’s second adventure a rather different feel, and I think I achieved that.

    Also, I think “The Devil’s Wind” is better.


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