New detective series, and more Spider John, coming in 2021

Ed Runyon is a rural sheriff’s detective haunted by a case that went horribly wrong when he worked at NYPD.

Those demons return when a city cop comes to Ed’s neck of the woods in search of a missing girl, and it leads to a violent confrontation and a life-altering decision.

You can read his story in CITY PROBLEMS, coming in July 2021 from Oceanview Publishing. Two more Ed Runyon books will follow (and, I hope, more beyond that.

This series will be very different from my stories about Spider John, a pirate turned amateur sleuth. The fourth books that series, PIECES OF EIGHT, is also due for release in 2021. Look for it in March, from Seventh Street Books.

The Spider John novel, had the normal publishing schedule held, would be hitting shelves in the fall of this year, but … things like COVID-19 happen, events get delayed, schedules are rearranged, etc. And them agent found a home for CITY PROBLEMS rather quickly, so … two novels in one year. I can cope.

This, of course, means I have lots of editing to do, so … I’ll be back with more updates later. — Steve

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