CITY PROBLEMS will be a BookBub featured new release

Do you use BookBub? It is an awesome website / app that lets you find new books in whatever categories you prefer, and — even better — offers great deals on brand new books.

For example, my upcoming detective novel CITY PROBLEMS was chosen as a BookBub New Release feature. It will have a promotional price of $1.99 from July 6 to July 14 across all ebook platforms.

So, if you are curious about my book, like to read ebooks and have a couple of bucks, check out BookBub and you will be all set to pounce when the deal launches.

The book hits stores on July 6. Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review and called it an “exceptional series launch.” If you don’t want an ebook, you can get the hardcover wherever you buy your books — and if you buy at an local independent book seller, you will be helping a local business, too.

More on the novel launch and the BookBub deal is coming soon.


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